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"100 Billion dollars." The brown fox clicked as he finished counting off the money. "Viggo impresses me…but I have my doubts about him…he's up to something, I know."

The weasel began to put the money into steel briefcases. "But we'll be there to stop'im ."

VDK the fox placed his hand on his chin, pondering what's up with Viggo.  Getting up, he began to look at his prized possession, a map to the location of the Peaches of Immortality. An old myth none the less, opening the case, his hand began pat on it. All he could feel was the felt that held the map. His eyes went red. "DAMN IT! VIGGO STOLE MY MAP!"

The Southern weasel  gave a turn to the Mexican-American fox. "Wait, what?"


LRF sighed. "We can get another one."


"Cornwallis! Apricot!" The weasel began to call.

The two restrained the fox from his rampage.


"Bawss, why he angry?" The Southern otter asked.

"Well…the mean British kitty stole from Vic."

Cornwallis gulped. "He bad kitty…is he going to Hell?"


Fur Fighters
Into the Hades

"Yikes! How does zee Mexicans do it?" Juliette started to rub a slice of lemon in her tongue.

"You have to learn a lot about alcohol." Roofus chuckled as he downed another shot.  It didn't burn his as much, all that fermented agave and all it did was silence that part of him that made him feel like a killer.  "Besides, it's not everyone unless you really can stand the flavor."

Juliette poured herself some wine.

Roofus smirked as he drank some rum straight from the bottle.

Nighttime has fallen on Fur Fighter village. The families slept with their children to keep an eye on them. Roofus kept the captured M1911s on holsters in case someone broke in. He opened his eyes, he couldn't stop thinking back of Iram and that clone that got sacrificed….how we wanted to apologize to him for the insults and discrimination.

Rico was thinking of Chang, how he almost died in Proud Aggregate, if he was dead then there would be no punching bag for the Chinese jokes and mock Chinese.  He sighed deeply as he closed his eyes, trying to regain his sleep.

Juliette thought of Snowy, how he was trapped under the APC when the attack started on the island.  Looking over at her sleeping kittens and her husband, several questions began to click in her head. Did I fail to protect them? Yes they deserve to live away from this fear and insecurity…what kind of life did I give them?  Flashing back to Proud Aggregate, she remembered that baby clone… so innocent and yet brought to a world that needed to be fixed but it would never be fixed…  Sleep was impossible… it wasn't fear of not being there when they needed her. Guilt kicked in. Yeah, you're in this for the killing! How many people must die to satisfy that craving?  You chose to kill over protecting your family. You're no better than them and you know it.  Face Juliette, you are in this for the killing.

With eyes staring at the nothingness of the roof , the voice of guilt came back. Yeah. How many lives do you need to take away? Oh wait, let's start the Great Bear Genocide. You're gonna kill a LOT of Europeans, Americans, and Russians, because truth be told, they're all stupid and every time you fight them, they deserve to have their lifes taken away.

Juliette placed her paws on her eyes, trying to force a scream but couldn't.

In fact, you're doing the world a favor. Let's purge it of stupid Russian, American, and European bears. They made their choice, now they pay the price. How are we going to kill them? Gouge their eyes? Or do we stab them with a Kalashnikov's bayonet? Oh I know, let's use that Pulse Rifle Chang brought back, let's fill them up with plasma holes.

Going for the liquor cabinet, she pulled out a bottle of ouzo and took a sip from the bottle.

Oh yeah… Alcohol…how cliché you become… well I can feel it getting in. Time to stay silent for a while. I'll be back later, we have some things to discuss about. Good night you murderer.

Chang thought about the bear who saved him back in Salukistan and how he saved him back in Proud Aggregate. Mai was embracing him very tightly, refusing to let go. After trying to get the anime out of her head, he just gave up on it. She was refusing to let go, after hearing how he nearly died who wouldn't let go?

Tweek was sleeping while HW and a few crocs stayed with Gwyneth and her brood.  The Cajun croc was the closest thing the red baby dragon had as a father…he never knew who his dad was or what he did, all his mom told him that he lived in the Russian Far East working for the Russian Military, she refused to go into detail about him. He was thankful for HW being here, the crocs were his family. So many of them died liberating Proud Aggregate… he'll never forget them.

Bungalow and Esmerelda didn't fight all day. It was quiet, the house was in order like no fighting took place. The female marsupial opened her eyes,  she looked at him. He may be dumber than a sack of potatoes. She thought as she continued staring at him. But she'd be lost without him…a truth she would admit any day.

The attack by the Japanese chameleons took away their sense of security. They all hoped that violence would never find them here again.

The sun began to rise in the skies.

Roofus began to hear his pups calling him. One of them grabbed his hand, guiding him outside. The old hound noticed General Bristol waiting for him. "Good morning General."

The British Walrus looked at the hound in the eye. "I have some bad news, you may not want to hear them but I have to tell you." He said, the dog was interested in the information. Clearing his throat, he continued. "Last night, the Ninjas were not here to attack you, but locate you."

"Locate us?" Roofus raised an eyebrow.

"Indeed." Bristol added. "Since the last encounter with Viggo, you and the rest of the Fur Fighters did not have the opportunity to relocate. To make things worse, Viggo has hired the best mercenaries in the market to kill you."

Roofus shuddered. "You mean…"

"Yes, Viggo has hired the Dependables. The only team that can match the Fur Fighters, they will arrive in an hour."

The Dependables…each one had a history  with the Fur Fighters.

O'Connell was a Irish Wolf and a feared member of the Irish Republican Army during the Troubles. He was a fervent Celtic Nationalist who wanted the Welsh and Scots to declare independence from the Anglo-Saxon oppressor. The IRA tipped Roofus to O'Connell who has become unstable and informed him of his plot to blow up the Scottish Parliament with a highly modified suitcase nuke. Roofus threw his knife at the wolf, it pierced his right eye as he tried to escape justice…but he knew it wasn't the last he'd see of him.

Maxime the Belgian Blue Bull. Former Belgian State Security agent turned traitor. He stole a serum that increased his body mass and strength. After that, he  offered his services as a mercenary and ended up with the Dependables. He has a burning flame for Juliette, who knows why…

Kichigai the Giant Japanese Hornet was the most tragic of the members of the group.  A Kabuki theater performer who went mad after he saw his family die during a Yakuza turf war right in front of him…using the swords of his performace, he slaughtered them devoid of mercy. After that, he was wanted by the Japanese government as a deranged serial killer, he didn't discriminate his targets: Young, Old, Straight, Gay, Bi, Transgender, he did not care on who he killed. Chang had something against the wasp, many distant family members fell to his swords and venomous stinger. O'Connell saw promise in him, so he became a member of the mercenaries.

Bikkie the Tasmanian Devil was a former Australian Army Sniper who had a penchant for seducing the higher ups in exchange for favors or promotions. But one day, after wondering how a marsupial would be like, she began to try to seduce Bungalow… That backfired horribly since he was engaged and told the higher ups about her trying to seduce him. She was given a dishonorable discharge, the rank she held was stripped, and would receive no pension…it helped that she was a sniper…and sniping was a good job as a famous assassin who drove a mobile home said. As long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is going to want someone dead.

Zayas the Scarlet Macaw…A veteran of the Salvadorian Civil War… his name struck into the fear in the hearts of the populace. He killed anything with his razor sharp beak, if killing wasn't on his mind, then arson was, if arson wasn't on his mind, he'd listen to his sex hormones. After the war ended, he fled the island, knowing that the two generals will get trialed and they'll tell everything.  A run in with an Irish wolf gave him the life he much needed. His notoriety levels reached its peak when he was involved in genocide in a country in Central Africa.

Knacker ... the last member of this crew of mercenaries…a scientist for the Nazi party, he was responsible for the atrocities committed in the Holocaust both in the name of science and medicine. When Nazi Germany fell to the Allies, the rabbit fled Germany and sold his services to the highest bidders. Some of the clients were the Arab countries and the Soviet Union. Despite being over 100 years old, mute, and crippled, he was a threat. Israel has a death warrant for the atrocities involved in the Holocaust.

The Fur Fighter spouses and children were ordered to stay in the Undermill for the incoming fight.  HW along with some crocs stayed with Gwyneth and her brood.

"Mishka, I want you to stand guard in the hospitals and don't let anything happens to them." Roofus said as the Russian fox saluted. "Damn it all…if only our hospitals could have more…but what we have is what we have, can't complain about the condition of our hospitals."

The six Fur Fighters were waiting in the center of the village. The minutes seemed like hours as they flew by. Roofus spots something from the horizon approaching at high speeds. A yacht?

The boat was beached. The 6 mercenaries came out.

"From this distance, I could have fired at you and killed you all." The Irish wolf said.

"And your bombs are just children's toys."

The wolf smirked. "And my country is the best one. We gave the world Whiskey."

"Your country only gave the world pitiful people, gingers, and of course, alcoholics." Roofus countered.

"Well my country gave the world Pierce Brosnan." The wolf said with a smug toothy smile.

"Sean. Connery."

O'Connell pulled out an AutoMag II, Roofus pulled out his Mauser C96, both had the barrels poking their opponent's neck. "Your old relic isn't going to help you."

"Says the Irish drunkard with a .22 caliber pistol." Roofus alleged.

"Juliette," Maxime the Bull said. "I propose this; A romantic adventure, one that such a lady deserves."

"You're a good guy Maxime, good enough you can charm a pony fashion designer with those words. But I prefer to stay here and listen to Claude's horrible attempts at poetry."

Maxime's eye began to twitch violently. "PLEASE JULIETTE!" Dropping to his knees, he grabbed Juliette's  hand and kissed it. "NOT AFTER THAT WONDERFUL NIGHT!"

Everyone made a shocked animal face.

"Wait!" O'Connell looked at the bull. "She had sex with a 40 year old virgin?"

"Mind your own business, I did it for my country damnit."

Chang stared at the Japanese hornet. "Chang remind you that you killed family members, Chang clip wings and remove stinger."

Kichigai looked at Chang. It was a blank expression. Then he started smirking, followed by a chuckle. It turned into some sort of maniacal laughter. One strives to know what inhuman thoughts coursed through his mind.

Chang started to focus, if he was going to beat this bug, he had to keep his emotions in line.

"Finally! I get to put you down like the annoying nuisance you are." Bikkie growled. "I've waited 10 freaking years for this moment and I get that satisfaction."

"Ohai Bikkie." Bungalow waved at her.

Bikkie started to usher every single threat.

"You're not mad at me, are you?"

Bikkie facepalmed. "ARE YOU FUCKING RETARD!?"

"My mom said I was special."


The scarlet macaw removed his shirt, revealing all the MS-13 tattoos across his feathers. "I'm going to fuck you Argentine bitch."

"Just try it joto." Rico fumed.

"I banged your mother last night, she wanted me to tell you she enjoyed it." Zayes continued.  "Do you know why I did it? Because she's a bitch, and bitches need to be taught their place…"

"Is this what you Central Americans have? I remember that last Copa America, Argentina beat Salvador 3-1." Rico gave a grin.

"And I wonder if you Argentine jotos are all about soccer…putos maricas."

Tweek and Knacker were looking at each other in the eye. They never met each other but the baby dragon could see in the rabbit's eyes the horrors of the Holocaust he brought. Screams, furnaces being set on fire, along with many people being tortured to death for a ideology that was nothing but suffering for the people of Europe. Is this how this rabbit wanted to spend the rest of his days? Defending a racist ideology? There is no place in the world for guys like him anymore.

"Tweek." The baby dragon said.

The rabbit rammed his wheelchair on the baby dragon.


Roofus and O'Connell began to fire at each other. The hound rolled out of harm's way and fired back. The wolf dodged and lobbed several explosives to the dog. The Mauser fired several times, the explosives detonated in midair. "Oh you're spoiling the fun Roofus! Let's make this more interesting shall we!?" The CZ 52 fired again.

Roofus ran into his house. Opening the gun case, he found a brand new SIG 556R (R= Russian which means it fires 7.62x39mm). along with a 30 round 'waffle' style magazine.

Acquired SIG 556R!

Press Left Trigger to enter ADS mode. Press Right Trigger to open fire.

Hiding behind the counter, the hound pulled on the bolt. He'll hope the wolf will come. Hearing several footsteps, his eye took a peek. "Got you!" The red dot sight locked on the wolf, the barrel began to release lead rapidly.

O'Connell took damage from the assault rifle, he lobbed a grenade in return. Roofus tossed it back at the wolf.  The explosion sent the gray canine to the floor. Taking this as a chance, the hound pressed the trigger. Automatic fire hit the enemy's body.

"Good Roofus." O'Connell tossed a flashbang.

Roofus covered his eyes as the grenade detonated. He was gone…but he couldn't be that far.

Juliette was running as walls crumbled.

"HERE'S MAXIME!" The bull said in a pervert tone.

Juliette fired her custom Hi-Power at the bull. He was laughing, the bullets were not doing anything to his body. Hearing it click, she quickly reloaded the pistol and continued to fire on him. "Damn it!"

"Your peashooter isn't hurting me, in fact, it tickles."

Juliette started to run upstairs. Locking herself in the master bedroom, she took a sigh of relief but the sound of his hooves walking upstairs made her nervous.  Seeing a box lying in her bed, she wondered how it got there. There was a note, she picked it up.

I noticed you were in a bit of trouble with that hamburger so I'd do you a favor and lend you this piece of equipment.

Try to keep it in pristine condition, I need that gun for my hunt later on.

Whoever V was, she was thankful. Opening it, she found a Holland & Holland Paradox Double Rifle in .700 Nitro Express. Such guns were expensive, the value could go for $200,000 to a jaw-dropping $1,000,000 excluding the fact that the future owner would have to get his measurements to fit the body type. Luckily, the elephant gun fitted her quite well. Grabbing the bandolier, she stuffed the bullets from the 50 round box. Grabbing the last bullets, she chambered them in and pulled the hammers.

Maxime entered through the wall.

Juliette aimed the weapon at him.

"Oh drop the gun and surrender, in fact, since we're in your room, how about we do it now?" The bull suggested.

Juliette pulled on one trigger. The left barrel thundered.

The bull was pushed back. "OW! THAT HURTS!"

Juliette started to run.

Getting up with a groan, the bull followed.

Juliette heard his hooves move to her direction. Popping of cover, the right barrel fired again.

Maxime was pushed back.

Chang fired his QBZ-95 at the Japanese Giant Hornet. The bullets were sliced in halves as the blades touched them. The hornet began to spin, getting very close. Moving out of the way, the firefox fired another burst. Several bullets flew, some were slashed, others managed to get a hit.

Bikkie fired her sniper rifle but it was a miss. "How can someone so dumb be that fast?"

Bungalow was right behind the Tasmanian Devil, throwing a flashbang, he turned around.

"AH DAMN IT MY EYES!" Bikkie growled. "I CAN'T SEE A FUCK!"

The kangaroo fired his Taurus MT-40 into her body. Fluff poured out of the wounds made by the .40 cal bullets. After being thrown over by the bullets, Bikkie got up, her sight clearing. "THAT WAS A CHEAP TRICK!"

Bungalow blinked.

Throwing a smoke bomb, the Tasmanian Devil moved.

Zayas and Rico grappled, both trying to overpower their opponents. "Te voy a chingar en el culo!" The macaw squawked as Rico was overpowering him . "Y luego, me voy a chingar a tu esposa, tus hijos, y hijas y lo voy a disfrutar."

Rico got ready for a kick.

The macaw slashed him with his beak.

Rico felt the wound on his stomach. He saw the red bird laugh… Look at him…laughing…and with those MS-13 tattoos like they were some symbol of glory and power. With no choice, the rockhopper pulled out a MP9 and cocked it.

The scarlet macaw whipped out a Uzi with the original wooden stock along with a laser sight mounted on the left side of the gun.  "Sera mejor que corras." The laser sight went for Rico's chest. "Porque aqui vas a morir puto."

Rico began to run.

The macaw fired at him, the bullets hitting where the green dot illuminated.  

Rico took a breath and got ready to aim. Taking a peek, he saw the parrot reload. The MP9's muzzle flared as the bullets left the barrel. Zayas screamed as the bullets hit his body in every corner of his body. Hissing at Rico, he fired back but the rockhopper took cover.

Up in the skies, Tweek was panicking as he reloaded M1897 Shotgun. A rocket missed him. Seeing the rabbit on the Wheelchair of Death was making his free hand panic as he loaded the shell.  The old rabbit pushed a button on the Wheelchair, four MG42s came out of it.

The baby dragon pumped the shotgun. Seeing those machine guns get a lock on him, he performed a dive. The machine guns began to open fire on him, tracking his every move. They all clicked empty in 10 seconds. The old rabbit gave a mental growl as he pressed a button again.

Flying up to him, the shotgun's barrel was pointed at the rabbit's body.

Knacker's eyes squinted at the sight of the shotgun. Tweek pulled the trigger once and pumped it. The spent shell went down into the village. The rabbit's mind screamed from the pain as the lead pellets stabbed every single place in his body.  Tweek fired the shotgun several times, fluff flying to his face. Hearing the shotgun click empty,  his wings flapped as he retreated to reload.

Knacker pressed several buttons. A FG42 along with a MG34 and a Panzerschreck. Following the baby dragon, the weapons fired, a bullet impacted Tweek in his left leg, but that didn't stop him. Loading the shells into the shotgun, he performed a U-Turn. The rocket launcher fired. At a certain distance, the warhead began to twirl, Tweek turned around and fired the shotgun again and again.  Fluff flew out from the rabbit's body, mentally screaming at the pain. Tweek loaded up one shell and pulled the trigger.

Tweek began to fly away from the former Nazi.

Roofus took cover in a tree, O'Connell was looking out for him. Pulling out his Mauser, he aimed the pistol at the wandering wolf. Aligning the sights, the pistol fired several times. The wolf hissed as he took two shots in the torso and one in his shoulder. "I don't think so Scot!"  A pipe bomb was lobbed to the tree. The hound picked it up and threw it back to the wolf, then fired on it.

O'Connell was knocked by the blast. "Oh how funny Roofus!"

Roofus gave a smug grin as he pulled out a knife.

"You think that thing's going to scare me?"

Press X for Knife Attack

Roofus slammed the knife into the wolf's torso.


"Life's not fair." Roofus countered as moved the knife around his intestines. He noticed that O'Connell's health was going down drastically as the knife moved.

O'Connell kicked Roofus off, removed the knife and began to sprint away.

Roofus started shooting his Mauser but missed.

Juliette reloaded the elephant gun and prepared for the bull's arrival.

The wall next to her was destroyed as he announced his presence.  "HERE'S MAXIME MY LOVE!" The bull gave a perverted laugh as his hands got ready to grab her.

The rifle fired twice.

The bull was pushed away from her. "Be a petit good boy and stay down."

"You're making me want you more." Maxime sang.

Juliette reloaded the weapon. "One more step and I'll  blast your petit kneecaps into Freaky Deaky Dutch Hell."

"Oh come on, you loved how I spoke Dutch."

The dual rifle fired.

Maxime grabbed his left knee. "AW MY KNEECAP!

Juliette fired on the right knee.


Juliette gave a smug grin. "How does it feel…the pain? Hurts, doesn't eet?"


Juliette gave a playful smile. "You should be fortunate I didn't shoot ze balls out…what would happen if I shot your manhood? Hmmm?"

Chang blocked the blades with his rifle's attached bayonet.  Kichigai started to give a maniacal laugh as his hands continued to swing the blades. The firefox rolled out of the way as the katana blades sliced the air.  Seeing a chance, the trigger was pulled. The muzzle flashed several times as the hornets abdomen was hit. The hornet dropped to the ground. "This will hurt a bit." The Firefox's leg flew up, kicking the hornet's head several times.

Bikkie had Bungalow in his sights. The RSASS roared but the bullet missed as Bungalow moved to the sides. "DAMN IT!" She growled as she scanned the surroundings. "WHERE ARE YOU BUNGALOW! BE A GOOD BOY AND DIE!"

Bungalow followed the direction of the voice.

Bikkie grinned as she fired, but somehow, the wind pushed the bullet to the left. "WHAT! BUT!"

"Ohai Bikkie." Bungalow fired the whole magazine on her.

"DAMN IT!" Bikkie threw a smoke bomb.

"Hey, smoking's bad for your lungs." Bungalow stated. "You want to have cancer?"

The smoke cleared, she was gone.

Rico took cover behind a tree as 9mm bullets flew everywhere. "Maldito…" The MP9 was reloaded.

"You faggot don't have what it takes to fucking kill!" Zayas yelled as he fired at Rico's cover. "I killed people during the Civil War and I killed people when I was in the Maras! You don't have a fucking clue on how to kill!"

Rico pulled out an incendiary grenade. "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" He yelled.

The grenade detonated.

The scarlet macaw gave a near-demonic scream as the fire was consuming him. The magazines began to release every bullet, hitting everything that was on their range.  Rico took a peek, he couldn't help but give a smile of satisfaction but it went away the bird began to drop and roll.

Zayas lost his plumage along with his tattoos. Looking at his burnt body, nothing but a oversized chicken being ready to be roasted on a charcoal fire. Growling softly, he balled a fist as the sound got louder and violent. "MALDITO HIJO DE PUTA! AHORA SI TE LO BUSCASTE! TE VOY ARRANCAR LOS HUEVOS Y LUEGO TE ARRANCARE LA MALDITA ESPINA DORSAL Y LUEGO TE ARANCARE EL PUTO CORAZON!"

Rico saw the now-defiled macaw runs towards him. The machine pistol began to fire against him.

Zayas dropped to the ground.

Rico smiled as he lowered the gun.

Despite all the bullet wounds, the burns, his plumage burnt off by a grenade, the macaw got up with a angry face. Running towards Rico, his naked hands punched Rico in the face. The MP9 flew out of the rockhopper's grip but the naked burnt hand grabbed it.  Rico began to run as the bullets flew towards him.

Pulling out a Walther P99, the rockhopper unloaded .40 cal bullets into the macaw's body. Zayas was pushed to the floor. "Just stay there!" Rico kept pulling the trigger on the macaw.

Zayas took the shots. Ignoring the burning pain, he got up and continued his run for Rico.

Roofus reloaded his rifle and checked his corners. "O'Connell! Come out wherever you are and face me!"

The wolf pulled on the hammer of his pistol and fired it two times.

Roofus growled as he took the shots. Turning around, he pulled the trigger several times. The wolf took shots to his nearly ruined abdomen…each shot exposing the intestines, fluff escaping the wounds like crazy. The wolf was running out of breath, his free hand putting a hand in them. The smell was getting to him…and he could hear his breakfast being digested. "I'm going to be fair and let you get your wounds bandaged…"

O'Connell glared at him.

"If you don't leave now…" Roofus whipped out his C96 and loaded a red hued 9x25mm bullet into the chamber of the antique gun. "I'll shoot it with this custom made explosive bullet, the blast will destroy you inside out and I get to tell your former IRA buddies that you're dead."

O'Connell took off.

Roofus extracted the explosive bullet. "Better heal before I regret my choice."

Maxime was running after Juliette, despite his kneecaps damaged by the elephant rifle. As he got near her, the rifles barrels fired at the same time. His chest began to hurt, a stinging sensation was nearing his heart.

Juliette reloaded the gun. "Still want to chase me?"

Maxime continued to move towards her.

Flipping the gun to double blast mode, she aimed and fired. The barrels fired at the same time. The bull's legs were to the point of being crippled.

The bayonet blocked the two incoming sword slices that came to him. The hornet was still laughing, the firefox continued blocking the attacks. As the three blades were locked, the hornet gave another deranged laugh. Chang kicked the hornet in the abdomen, followed by a few rapid shots to his chest.

Rico entered his house and started to rifle through the furniture. "Where did I put it!? He asked himself as he tossed the books and flipped the sofa. Entering his bedroom, he looked under his bed and pulled out a gun case. "Oh yeah, it's here!" He pulled out a FN FALO and slapped a 30 round magazine. Pulling on the bolt, he rushed outside. Zayas was scanning his corners. "OYE ESTUPIDO!"  Zayas turned around, he lowered his gun. "COME PLOMO!" The rockhopper pulled the trigger.

Armor Piercing 7.62 bullets exited the barrel, hitting the burnt macaw everywhere in the body. The gun clicked empty in 3 seconds. "Ah crap!" Rico reloaded the automatic rifle. Several 9mm bullets flew off. Rolling out of the way, followed by scurrying on the corner the rifle fired its load on the macaw.

Zayas dropped to the ground.

Tweek inserted more shotgun shells. Seeing the German rabbit approach, his finger pressed the trigger as his other hand moved the slide rapidly.  

Knacker's wheelchair coughed smoke. Trying to control the wheelchair, all he could do is watch in horror as he started to fall.

Press X for Final Attack

Tweek pulled out a FNC with a dual drum magazine. As Knacker struggled to get the wheelchair up, the baby dragon flew towards him. Aiming the barrel at the rabbit, he pulled the trigger. The whole drum released its contents into the rabbit, tearing his body rapidly. Fluff flew out of the wounds, while the other shots damaged the wheelchair beyond repair.

Juliette slowly walked towards Maxime, with the rifle on her shoulder.  He was on his knees, the pain… the agonizing pain. "Ready to surrender?"

Chang dodged several attacks from the hornet's swords.  Seeing a opening in the attack pattern, he gave a war cry as he plunged the bayonet deep into the abdomen of the winged insect and pushed it further. Kichigai dropped his swords, the firefox continued to move the bayonet around his abdomen, tearing nerves along with damaging whatever organs lay there.

The hornet dropped, in pain.

Zayas groaned as he got up. Seeing Rico  slowly walk up to him, he got up with a laugh as the machine pistol was aimed up. The burnt finger pulled on the trigger.

Nothing but a loud click.


Rico gave a large grin as his finger pulled on the trigger. The barrel blazed for several seconds as the macaw took the hits all over his body. The barrel smoked as the penguin lowered the gun.

Bikkie had her rifle's scope on Bungalow and fired. The bullet missed him by a few inches. "DAMN IT!"

"Haiiiiiiii!" Bungalow said.

Bikkie turned backwards, only to find Bungalow holding a TNT stick. "The fuck are you doing?"

"Mind holding this for me?" Bungalow put the TNT stick on her hand. Then he hopped away.

The Tasmanian Devil then looked at the TNT stick. "HOLY SHIT!" The fuse was nearly inside the whole explosive. Trying to turn off the fuse, she panicked as it was consumed. The explosion left her all charred. Coughing a bit of smoke, she turned into a pile of black dust. "Owwwwwwww…"

Kichigai dropped as his abdomen felt it was one fire.

Roofus saw the wolf on the roof of Gwyneth's house.

"COME ON!" O'Connell taunted as he lobbed an explosive towards him.

The old Mauser C-96 fired once. The explosive was detonated in midair.

Roofus ran to the house and climbed up the ladder.  He wasn't there anymore.

O'Connell appeared behind the dog. Lifting his leg, he kicked him down.

Roofus got back on his feet and countered with a punch to the face.

The wolf shook his head. "Come on!" He taunted. "Is that all you have!?"

The hound delivered a few punches to the wolf, which was blocked. The wolf tried to perform a roundhouse kick but missed as Roofus simply moved to a distance to avoid them. With a laugh, O'Connell lunged towards Roofus with his hands balled up. Seeing this as the perfect chance, Roofus stood there, waiting.

"HERE IT COMES!" O'Connell put his hands together, and then up.

Roofus punched the bandaged torso.

The wolf opened his mouth, fluff and digested food exited.

Roofus pulled out his pistol, aiming the barrel at O'Connell's head. "Any last words?"

"Ah freaking swear, I'm gonna kill them all if they set foot here."

HW began to calm Gwyneth and her brood while keeping a Mossberg 500 in hand. He turned to the croc. "Sawyah, if you don't shut that fancy trap of yers, you'll draw their attention and we don't have extra shotgun shells to spare, so keep it down and they won't come."

"Sorry HW… it's just that…" Sawyer  sighed. "I'm just fitting into this place and now this?"

"You let the shotguns do the talking. HW pumped his.

O'Connell pulled out a detonator.

"You damn Irish bastard!" Roofus scowled. "Can't you be a good boy and die?"

The detonator was pressed.

Portions of the roof started to shatter.

"AH SHIT!" Roofus yelled as the two went down.

The two were in Gwyneth's house. The wolf gave as small laugh as he pinned Roofus to the floor.  Seeing the lava, he tried to push the dog's head into it.

Sawyer placed his shotgun on the wolf's neck, strangling him.  Pulling on the shotgun more, he groaned as the weapon was tightly squeezing his neck.

Roofus felt the grip getting lighter.

O'Connell began to look for something, feeling it, he lunged at Sawyer. The blade managed to cut the crocodile's arm but the damage was minimal.

The hound punched the exposed abdomen of the wolf.  "Hey O'Connell, try eating vegetables next time, you're getting bad digestion."

O'Connell shook his head and made his way out.

Sawyer followed.


The wolf entered the forest. "Catch me if you can inbred hillbilly!" He taunted.

Sawyer checked his corners. His senses registered nothing unusual.  Walking straight, a flock of birds flew away… flock of birds… why did they? Something pulled on his shoulder and into the ground he went.

The wolf appeared. "Not so mighty now eh?"

The last of the peacock shamans appeared. One of them stayed behind while the rest moved out. Putting a feathery hand on his chest, the beak recited words in an unknown language.  The croc's eyes looked as something that was coming out of the chest followed by darkness.

Roofus was following the scent emitted by O'Connell, and he DOES need to eat more vegetables. All he could smell was the unbearable digested food that he most of ate the last few days. It smelled horrible but it gave him away. Seeing the wolf in the distance, he raised the rifle and aimed for the legs. Pulling the trigger two times, the wolf shrieked of pain as he dropped. Walking towards him, the C-96 was pulled out, the hammer cocked and the barrel pointing at the head. "Any last words Irish?"

"There was more to this than a attack. See you in Hell!" O'Connell vanished in a blue flash.

"DAMN IT!" Roofus dropped his rifle and stomped in it. "THAT'S JUST BLOODY CHEATING! DIE LIKE MAN O'CONNELL!"

Juliette prepared the Elephant Rifle and aimed at Maxime's chest. "This will sting a leetle bit, but I'll make it quick and painless."

Maxime laughed as he vanished. "Arrivederchi love, see you next time we meet."

Juliette lowered the weapon. "What ze heck!?

"Hey that's copyright!"  A red fox wearing a business came in.  "That phrase is owned by the Pretendo of Japan Limited. You are going to pay a HUGE fine for violating that copyright."

Juliette fired the two barrels at the fox.

"Tell… my wife… that… I'M SO SUING HER FOR CHEATING ON ME!" The fox went limp.

Chang prepared to stab Kichigai with the rifle's bayonet. As he got ready to plunge the blade into his chest, the hornet laughed as a blue light wrapped around it.  

Bikkie heard a vacuum cleaner nearby. "AW FUCK ME!"

Bungalow was whistling as he started to move it forward, sucking every particle of dust into it.

"HEY BUNGIE YOU SUCK BALLS!" A blue flash occurred.

"Where did she go?" Bungalow scratched his head.

Rico cocked the rifle and aimed it down at the macaw's head.

"Nos vemos luego hijo de puta." Zayas spit on Rico's face as a blue light consumed him.

As Tweek readied the shotgun, the old rabbit was enveloped by a blue light.

Behind some trees, the last of the Peacock Shamans performed a spell. The troops guarding the hospital dropped, struggling to move. The birds began to perform their soul stealing rites, putting them into the Soul Bags.

"ROOFUS! GUYS! HELP!" Mishka called out.

A peacock shaman gave a sadistic grin as he removed Mishka's soul.

The Fur Fighters regrouped.

"O'Connell said there was more to this attack!" Roofus exclaimed.

"I got cussed out." Bungalow raised his hand.

"I got cussed out by a Salvadorian piece of crap." Rico fumed.

A little rockhopper, firefox, and dragon came out.

"DAD! DAD!" The rockhopper named Sonia cried. "SOME MEAN BIRDS ARE THREATNING STERNHOUSER!"

"QUE! QUE!?" Rico's beak dropped.

"They have mom and the others." Lien said.

"Qweek!" The blue baby dragon pointed at the Undermill.

The Fur Fighters rushed to the Undermill.

The Fur Fighter spouses, children, and  Sternhouser were under a spell that didn't allow them to move. The peacock shamans prepared to harvest their souls.



Sternhouser could only look at the approaching peacock shaman getting ready to do his ritual. Feeling his legs move, he placed them on the shoulders of the bird and moved them. A loud snap was heard, the bird turned to his comrades, with a horrible dislocated neck.  Dropping to the floor, the German Oryx set himself free. "Nein! Nothing can subdue a proper diet and exercise."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" The peacock shamans cried as Sternhouser leapt to them.

The Oryx grabbed one of the shamans by the neck. Spinning him like a nunchuck, the bird screamed for mercy but felt a burning pain as he was smacked against the other shamans.  The birds were powerless to stop the angry Saxon from executing justice.  The nunchuck peacock yelled as he was slammed against another, his head hurting. With a final spin, the bird was sent flying.

A loud crash echoed the room.  "Owww…" The peacock shamans were finally dead.

"GUYS! HELP!" Mishka cried but a feathery hand covered his mouth. The peacock shaman began to pull out  the fox's soul, helpless to do anything but stare as his own soul was stolen.

After dealing with the fox, the shamans smiled evilly as they entered the hospital. Clones and defectors laid there, wounded and with no one to help them. The words were changed as they pulled out the souls out of their bodies, putting them in the soul bag that the lead one carried.

The Fur Fighters checked on their loved ones. After a series of hugs and comforting words, the 6 took off to check on the hospitals.

Snowy screamed for help as the peacock shamans were taking the souls away from the wounded.  

"It is of no use." A shaman mocked. "You will join them in Hell." He got close to the bear, laughing insanely.

The polar bear clone closed his eyes, getting ready to the moment.

Several shots were heard.

Opening his eyes, he sighed in relief as Juliette lowered the Elephant Rifle. Hearing footsteps, she saw a figure ran past the room. Pulling on the trigger, the gun clicked. Opening it, she removed the spent casings and inserted a fresh pair.

"Klaatu Barada Necktie!" The peacock shaman chanted. A red and black hole opened up in thin air. Throwing the soul bag into it, he looked as the souls were released and dragged deeper. His feathery hand lifted the next one.

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Juliette dashed toward it, raising the rifle's stock.

The bird turned around.


The bird dropped. The cat leapt on him, her claws came out. With a twitchy eye, she stabbed them into the bird's body.

The rest of the Fur Fighters arrive, hearing the peacock struggling to break free but Juliette buried her claws deeper into his body.

Roofus'eye twitched violently. "I was hoping to never see these bastards again, I should of killed you all back in Arabia."

"Too bad you didn't." The peacock mocked.

"Let's see…" Bungalow started to count. "Since there was 70 wounded guarded by 30 and there was 2 hospitals.  It's a big total of 200 souls."

Rico got ready to stomp on the peacock's stomach.

"Make it 100." Juliette opened up the soul bag.

The souls flew back to their bodies, since they weren't dead for long enough, they still had much to live for.

"Hey guys! Ah found Sawyah dead in the woods."

"That makes it 101…" Bungalow's ears dropped.

HW's eye twitched. "WHA YOU NO GOOD DAMNYANKEE!" The Cajun croc leaped to the peacock and started to punch the bird in the face several times.

Chang and Bungalow managed to restrain HW from killing him.

The bloodhound grabbed the peacock by the neck and pointed the C-96 at its head. "Alright, talk." Seeing the peacock getting ready to spit on his face, he gave a smirk as the barrel was aimed at a very sensitive place. Twisting the barrel a few inches, the fowl started to scream. "I can do this all day and not get bored. The stronger I twist it, the big chance I have in tearing them off. Wanna risk that?"

"Alright! Alright!" The peacock said as he felt the gun slowly being removed, but the hammer was pulled. "Viggo knew about the wounded in the Village, so he sent us to steal the souls.  The whole fight with the Dependables was a huge cover for our attack."

"Why!?" Roofus demanded.

"That way, Viggo gets to kill his enemies and pay his debt to Old Scratch.  I gotta give him credit." The peacock answered.

"How do we get them back!?"  Roofus pointed the gun at his head.

"Threatning me will do you no good." The peacock laughed. "Hell is full of surprises."

"Maybe not lad," Roofus said coolly as he twisted the barrel on the fowl's sensitive place. "But I am FULL OF SURPRISES! You either open whatever damned vortex or I'll make sure you go back home and die alone for whatever is left of your sad pathetic existence."

The peacock recited the magic words. The portal to Hell opened up in a flash.  "Jump in if you want to see your dead friends again. But mark my words: There. Is.No.Escape."
Pulling out something, he swallowed it. Foam began to come out of his mouth.

"Cyanide?" Roofus raised an eyebrow.

"Nope, its pop rocks and cola. Very dangerous, teens use it to commit suicide." Rico explained.

Taking a deep breath, the six jumped into the portal. The light of the portal vanished, they were in darkness. Suddenly, every single atom of their beings was split up into millions as they were taken into the darkness.  Materializing minutes, they shook their heads. "I will never EVER make fun of Star Trek ever again." Rico said to no one in particular. "Having every atom split up and then formed up again…horrible."

"Ah, vilkome to my humble abode." A voice said.

"Ugh! That voice! It's like a Swede trying to do a German accent."

"Tweek." The baby dragon frowned at the penguin.

"OK OK, there's a huge difference between a German and a Swede, but the accents are so similar." Rico said. "Oh lookie, it's the Grim Beaver."

"Foor Faightoors! ?" The Governor of all things Dead scratched his head. "Vat, you aren't soopossed to ve here anyvay for a few years. But ah vell, I reep you now since da papervork is complicated."  He cleared his throat. "And thus begins ze eternal horrors of Hell. In which the wicked are punished depending on their zins and zey suffer for all eternity and…"

Roofus walked up to the Beaver.

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."

The dog balled a fist.


"FALCON! PAWNCH!" Roofus slammed his fist on the Beaver's face.

"Did you just punch the very manifestation of Death itself!?" Bungalow's eyes widened. "I thought this trope was overused."

"What trope?" Rico raised an eyebrow.

"Oh it's called Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? You have the almighty god or demi-god or super intelligent being that can turn anyone into a atom and then this group of badasses come and they don't even know who they're up against and then one of the badasses tires of this silly banter and BAM!"

Rico looked at the camera. "You know, I find it somewhat scary that Bungalow's brain can absorb information relating to comic books, tropes, videogames, pinball machines, the Star Wars Saga, the whole Star Trek canon, basketball shoes, the lottery, the Star Fox franchise, the Mario franchise, belly dancing, strip teases, and the most scariest thing of all: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

"Uh huh…" The Director nodded uninterested.

"I mean! He can sing every single song out of memory. He knows all the background ponies. He can speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice, can name all the memes, heck, he's written a 200 chapter fanfiction  and every single brony in the world LOVES it! How is that NOT scary!?"

"Uh well…" The Director tried to answer, but couldn't. A bell chimed.  "Alright everybody! Take 30!"

"About bloody time." Roofus said as he stepped out of the set.

Rico sat on his chair and popped open a bottle of cola. "Finally, relief."

Bungalow looked over at the script and laughed. "Hey Tweek, the Nambu comes back."

The baby dragon just sighed. "Twee…k?"

"Nope, you get a Nambu pistol and to add insult to injury, you get a Type 100 SMG."

The baby dragon demanded to talk to the writer of the story, what kind of sick joke is this?

"Now this will be the weapons you'll keep for the rest of the story," The brown fox said as he handed the cat a pair of Gasser M1870/74 revolvers. "Chambered in 11.75x36mm, this was the .44 Magnum of the old days. Since you're wielding them akimbo, I want to know if you prefer firing them in single action or double action."

"Let's see…" Juliette examined the revolvers. "Let's test them out."

A wooden target came into view.

Juliette's fingers gave the triggers a pull. The barrels went up as the bullets flew to their targets. "Ouch! I feel my arms will be torn out of zee sockets."

"Hmm…it'd be better if you fired them single action, you know like how it's done in Westerns?"

Juliette nodded and fired her guns Wild West style. "Doesn't feel bad when I do it like this."

"There we go."

"Wait?" HW came. "Did you say 11.75x36mm? DAYUM! That ain't no gun, that's a hand cannon. Them Europeans knew how to make guns."

"Basically, my people invented za best Maoozer rifle." The Grim Beaver said with pride.

"Nein!" Sternhouser countered. "Germany had zee vetter gun. We had in 8mm Mauser while ze Swedes had it in a puny 6.5x55mm."

"You're mistaken!" Rico interjected. "The Argentine Mauser is best Mauser."







Even out of the set, Roofus covered his ears. "I'm surrounded by man-children!" But the argument didn't end, they were getting into the part of why this Mauser is best Mauser.  Tiring of this silly banter, and pony references he yelled. "MOSIN-NAGANT! NUFF SAID!"

The three just blinked followed by silence.

Awkward silence….

"There, Mosin-Nagant beats Mauser, so shut up and let me enjoy this break."

"And oh Juliette…" The wardrobe director said. "Due to a very generous Southern weasel and a brood of man-children Otters, he requests you  wear these." The golden retriever pulled out a pair of daisy dukes.

Juliette couldn't believe this. "Me wearing zat? No. Just. No."

"Think of the publicity and the fanart."

"No!" Juliette defended. "I am not going to wear…zat thing… Only American Southern girls wear that."

"Oh come on, daisy dukes are popular."

"DAT ASS!" A Southern weasel wearing a white suit came in. Behind him was his brood of otters from Mississippi.

"…" Juliette face palmed.

"Do it for the team, besides, it reminds me of one of my ex-girlfriends who went through a daisy dukes phase back in Arkansas."

"WOW! LUCKY YOU!" HW and the rest of the crocs mentioned.

"I bet she had DAT ASS!"

"Eh…" The Southern Weasel removed his Stetson. "To be honest with ya'll, every time she bent down to pick up something, it looked like a walrus flossing."

"OH MAH LORD! WHAT HAVE YA DONE TO DESERVE THAT!?" A croc began to rub his eyes.

"Lord have merceh on yer soul, that image burns like Hell." HW shot.

"It was the truth and those mons pubis of her were kinda like…"


"Bawss! Me wanna see kitteh in daiseh dukes!" McDoogal the Otter clapped happily.

Juliette sighed. "Fine. I'll be back."

She came back wearing them.

"Now turn around." Finkle said.

Juliette sighed as she did so.

"Hey look, it's a 10 Franc coin on the floor."

Juliette saw the coin and bent down to pick it.

The Otters, the Crocs, Finkle, and Rico smiled. "OMG! DAT ASS!"

"Look at dat perfectly sculptured French ass!" Rico giggled.

"Now I wish I had hot girlfriend." The weasel blushed. "It's so round and nearly perfect."

"Whah can't you stick to Cajun women?" HW eyed curiously.

"I'm from Arkansas."

HW petted the weasel's shoulder. "You poor thang, your state has crazeh weather due to a Cajun curse. Ah hate to be the poor fellow who broke some Cajun girl's heart and cursed all the state of Arkansas."


The bell chimed.

"Finally, I can get zis thing off."

"Eh no…" The weasel said. "I requested that you wear the daisy dukes for the rest of the story."

Juliette's eye twitched.

"Wow, that's the quickest Ah've seen her descend into madness."

The weasel pulled out a dart gun.  The pointed projectile hit Juliette and injected a dose of tranquilizer into her system. "There we go. Now that she's calm, the story will continue."

The French cat fell over.

"Maybe not."

Another 30 minutes later


And now back to the story

"AAAAH! DAMN YOU! VAT VAS THAT FUOOR?" The Beaver struggled to get up.

"Right now, Roofus gives no merde, even if it's ze very manifestation of Death eetself."

The bloodhound grasped the scythe.  "Now I will be polite this time.  Now I got for ye one question:  About a few minutes ago, about 100 souls were tossed in here and THEY do not belong here. Where are they now?"

The Governor of All Things Dead got back on his feet. "Oh veah, I remember zem naou! I have to agriii vith ya on zat one. They do not belong zere , but they're being pherried zown by Charon, papervork ya know."
Commission for :iconlazyrayfinkle:

Fur Fighters belong to Bizzare Creations.

Bank of Supervilliany belongs to :iconkitsune633::iconqueendanny: and :iconlazyrayfinkle:
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